Dr. Vikram S. Siddareddy

MS (Gen. Surgeon), Managing Director - United Hospital

Dr. Vikram S Siddareddy is a well known Laparascopic surgeon. His interest in Trauma Management was developed right from his residency during his post-graduation. There was a lacuna created by the lack of clear protocol and a multi-disciplinary approach to accident management. Motivated to fill this gap, he has consistently worked in the field of trauma care to gain the maximum possible exposure and experience.

From an academic standpoint, he stood 5th in state in the MS General Surgery Exams conducted by Rajeev Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. Once he accrued hands-on experience in the area of trauma care by working in various government hospital in Mumbai, he shifted base to Bangalore. There, he worked with two leading corporate hospitals to gain training in Minimal Invasive Surgery, strengthening his strengths and understanding of the delicate business of accident-trauma care. Additionally, he holds an administrative fellowship in health-care management from Symbiosis, Pune.

We are totally committed to providing highest standards of accident-trauma and critical care services throughout the region