United Hospital

A unit of United Brotherss Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd.

Brief Company Profile:

United Hospital was established in 2012 in Kalaburagi by Dr. Vikram Sidaraddi, a general surgeon with a deep interest in trauma care. He made the decision to return to his hometown to bring world-class trauma and critical care to accident victims. Along with his wife, Dr. Veena Sidaraddi, a skilled ophthalmologist, he set up state-of-the-art facilities (24 hr emergency room, Operation Theatres, Surgical ICU services and so on) , top-notch equipment and specialists in multiple departments which enabled them to save more than 90% of seriously injured and ill patients who came to their hospital.

As the directors of United Hospital, Dr. Vikram Sidaraddi and Dr. Veena Sidaraddi are driven by their deep sense of commitment to the people as well as an urgent need to provide quality trauma and critical care. This resulted in the rapid growth of United Hospital from a humble 24 bed facility in 2012 to a 80 bed hospital with facilities and specialists who treat Level 2 Trauma case – a process which took just 5 years! The tenets that United Hospital is built on have however stayed the same. The S.M.A.P. Principle is followed in every case – Swift action, Multi-disciplinary approach, Aid on Admittance (no stalling for billing), Patient-centric. This principle ensures there are no administrative delays and essential medical aid is provided to the patient which dramatically increases his chances of survival and recovery.

Everyone who comes to the hospital knows that they will get nothing but the best treatment there. However, for the people of surrounding regions, poverty, ignorance and distance combine to make quality health-care only a myth. The team at United Hospital wanted to make a difference in this segment too. They have tied up with over 200 rural health-care practitioners for referrals, conduct regular health camps and even have a mobile ICU to bring people the care they truly deserve.

By the end of 2020, United Hospital will move into their new facility which will house 180 beds, with the ability to cater to level I trauma care and all tertiary care referrals. Dr. Vikram Sidaraddi believes that collaborations in the field of health-care will bring greater benefits for all involved. Thus, he has partnered with Drishti Eye Hospital to take eye care to rural and semi urban areas.
As of early 2019, a flagship hospital – Hazel Tree Mother and Child Hospital was launched under the aegis of Dr. Vikram Sidaraddi. It is aimed at the women and children of Kalaburagi – reducing Maternal Mortality Rates, increasing prenatal and antenatal care and raising strong children.