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United Hospital is a unit of United Brotherss Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd.
The vision of eminent surgeon, Dr. S. S. Siddareddy, was the inspiration to establish United Hospital. Today, his legacy lives on through Dr. Vikram Siddareddy and Dr. Veena Siddareddy – the Directors of United Hospital.

With a special focus on Trauma and Critical Care, United serves the citizens of Gulbarga and surrounding areas with a single-minded focus and astounding success rates.

From a humble 24 bed set-up, United Hospital currently houses 77 beds. By the mid-2018, United Hospital will move into their new facility which boasts of 188 beds, with the ability to cater to level I trauma care.


We aim to revolutionize the trauma and critical care space in Gulbarga. Our mission is to serve the citizens of Gulbarga and surrounding regions by providing top-quality healthcare in the fields of trauma, critical care and super-speciality surgeries.

Emergency (08472) 225006


Our Services & Facilities

24x7 Call Center

Call (08472) 225006 and the response team will reach you as soon as possible.

24x7 Mobile ICU

Transfer to Hospital with the best possible care enroute.

24x7 Emergency Care

Round-the-Clock team to administer accident and trauma cases.


Specialized Surgeons in over 10 departments with over 98% success rate.


Dialysis and laboratory tests for kidney-related illnesses.


Ophthalmology department

Women & Child Care

Paediatric ICU & Neonatal ICU functioning 24X7, Painless Delivery


CT, Ultrasound, ECHO, TMT, ECG, Health CheckUp Program

Awareness Campaigns

Reaching more people, creating greater impact

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The Golden Hour Campaign

The first hour after an accident takes place is vital. Call (08472) 225006 immediately.

Don-the-Helment campaign

Don't risk your head, wear a helmet! Over 25% of total fatalities occur in two-wheeler accidents. Know more about this initiative (in association with Gulbarga Traffic Police).

Belt-Up Campaign

When you climb in, strap in. The chance of being thrown from a vehicle is 30% higher when you don't use the seat belt.


Leadership that fosters growth.

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Our Centers of Excellence

Accident & Trauma Care

With over 2 lakh people a year falling victim to road accidents alone, accident and trauma care services are in constant, urgent need. This unit at United Hospital functions 24X7 – starting from immediate response on the emergency number (08472) 225006, mobile ICU and a CRT (Critical Response Team) at United's international-standard ICU.

The hospital undertakes all trauma and critical care cases from accidents to agricultural mishaps to child-related emergencies, making it the most preferred hospital in Gulbarga in emergency cases.


Specialists in over 9 departments work tirelessly at United with a special focus on minimal access surgeries. Other surgeries include 24X7 emergency angioplasty surgeries, colo-rectal procedures, ENT, Gastro-entrology, Laparoscopy, Maxillofacial, Neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and surgical oncology.

United Hospital boasts of state-of-the-art facilities and cutting edge equipment. There are multiple operation theaters, post-op recovery, and both general wards as well as private rooms for convalescing patients.


Dr. Veena Siddareddy, Director, United Hospital, is currently spearheading United Eye Care. The unit is a full-fledged separate super-speciality Opthalmology wing of the Hospital.

As with the other wings of United Hospital, United Eye Care caters to both emergency cases as well as consultancy cases.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

The Women and Child Wing of United Hospital is one of the best in Gulbarga. There is a separate complex which houses the labour ward. The facilities offered include painless delivery and an in-house Neonatal ICU in case of complications.

United Hospital also has a fully-fledged, well equipped, Paediatric ICU for emergency cases related to children, which is constantly monitored.


Over 17% of Indians have some form of chronic kidney diseases, a shocking statistic. United Hospital is committed to treating kidney-related conditions, with an in-house Dialysis Unit.

The Hospital is also equipped with the latest in technology – the C Arm – for urological procedures. The machine produces good quality images for better treatment and also limits the amount of radiation that patients are exposed to.


Diagnostics is an important feature in the world of medicine. United Hospital provides in-house laboratory services like CT Scans, Ultrasound, Computed and Digital Radiography, ECHO, TMT, ECG.

The Hospital also offers a comprehensive Health Check-Up Program. Additionally, there is a 24 hr Pharmacy in United Hospital for all prescription medicines.

Media Updates

In The News


Case studies reflecting our prowess and successes


Miraculous Restoration

The patient, a 22 year old, was brought to United Hospital in very critical condition. His skull had been partially severed in a case of alleged assault. Almost 2 litres of blood had been lost and there was severe damage to the exposed brain tissues. In a herculean surgery lasting over 6 hours and constant vigilance in the aftermath, the surgeons at United were able to repair the skull, the damaged blood vessels and prevent meningitis (which was a high risk following exposure and contamination of the brain tissue).

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Hand Reconstructed

A 19 year old male was brought into United Hospital after a spare part of a JCB had fallen on his hand, nearly amputating it entirely. The patient was in a state of shock, with low BP and was taken in for surgery almost immediately upon admittance. The marathon re-constructive surgery took over 7 hours involving orthopedic, plastic and general surgeons, and was a success with his arm regaining almost entirely normal functionality.

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