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Emergencies can occur anywhere, any time. What is extremely crucial is the time between the trauma incident and receipt of medical attention. This period is termed as the Golden Hour. While it is initially defined as within an hour’s time, the exact time frame can vary with the nature of the injury.

Trauma has been one of the most challenging issues to address since many years. This is where the Department of Trauma Care at United Hospital in Bangalore continues to excel. Supported by a team of excellent and well-trained doctors and nurses, the hospital ensures that no time is lost in immediately attending to a patient in distress. Ensuring that both the patient and his/her family is calm and relaxed, our swift footed medical team is well versed in handling all sorts of medical emergencies, such as motor accident, fall, heart attack, stroke, poisoning, paediatric emergencies, sports injuries and many others.

The hospital is also well-equipped with state-of-the-art emergency equipment and facilities to administer emergency care like Airway Management, Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation and Breathing distress.

United Hospital has a proven track record of solving critical and near fatal trauma cases, caused due to accidents or physical assault, to the complete satisfaction of patients. Some of the complex surgeries performed by our versatile doctors include hand reconstruction and skull repair. The Department of Trauma Care is gifted with highly experienced surgeons who can handle these types of cases at very short notice.

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