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Oncology is a speciality of medicine that focusses on the diagnosis and treatment of Cancer. The subject of Oncology is vast and hence has different sectors to treat different types of cancers. Surgical Oncology focuses on the different types of surgeries available to treat cancer.

The word Cancer can unsettle any peaceful life. However, today there is a cure for every type of cancer; Thanks mainly to advancements seen in medical science and the use of new technology. The Department of Surgical Oncology at United Hospital in Bangalore continues to win the trust of cancer patients with all-round facilities and clinical finesse of its oncologists.

Our Surgical Oncologists combine treatment with a caring approach to ensure that the patients are comfortable at every stage of their treatment program.They take the time to discuss independently with each patient and their family members regarding the diagnosis and treatment options available to them. Queries and concerns from the patient’s family are cleared completely before arriving at any decision.

Our Surgical Oncologists work with the other team members that include nutritionists, rehabilitation therapists and specialists in naturopathy to anticipate and manage side effects of the surgery.

Facilities Available

The Department of Surgical Oncology at United Hospital in Bangalore is well-organised with state-of-the-art facilities to diagnose and treat different types of cancer that include:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Hormone Therapy
  • Onco Surgeries
  • Laparoscopy
  • Laser Surgery
  • Cryosurgery
  • Imaging Tests
  • Biopsy

Therapies Offered & Conditions Treated

Some types of cancers treated by Surgical Oncologists at United Hospital in Bangalore include:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Gastric Cancer
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • Skin Cancer
  • Eye Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Gynaecologic Cancer
  • Bone Cancer

Surgeries & Key Procedures

The Department of Oncology at United Hospital in Bangalore is a strong combination of Surgical Oncologists, Anaesthesiologists, Nurses and other Clinicians who bring loads of experience in their relevant disciplines. The efficient team has a proven track record of performing some of the most challenging cancer surgeries successfully. Some of the surgeries performed at the hospital include:

Head and Neck Reconstruction Surgery

Cancers or Tumours that occur around the Head and Neck regions might require surgery. This is because it may affect the patient’s ability to swallow food and speak freely. Usually, Oncologists recommend reconstructive surgery for this condition which can remove the tumour and achieve the best possible results for the patient. In this surgery, Surgical Oncologists combine with Plastic Surgeons to reconstruct the damaged part.

Breast Cancer Surgery

The Department of Oncology at United Hospital has some of the most skilled surgeons who have performed high-risk Breast Cancer surgeries and cured the patients. Our Oncologists are well exposed to using the latest Breast Imaging Services and new Breast Surgery Techniques to offer comprehensive and compassionate care to patients. Breast Cancers that are diagnosed early can be cured completely at that is what the Oncologists at the Department of Oncology at United Hospital in Bangalore excel at.


Usually, cancer cells multiply at a rapid rate and spread fast within the body. Chemotherapy uses specific drugs to kill cancer cells and arrest their rapid growth. Chemotherapy is done in combination with other treatments like Radiation Therapy and Immunotherapy. This is a day care procedure where patients can get admitted in the morning and get discharged in the evening. However, depending upon your overall health condition, your doctor might increase your hospital stay.

Radiation Therapy

This procedure uses beams of intense energy to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy damages cells by destroying the genetic material that controls the growth and division of cancer cells. However, both healthy and affected cells can be destroyed by Radiation Therapy due to the intensity of the treatment. The Surgical Oncologists at The Department of Oncology at United Hospital in Bangalore conduct this therapy in a way that the effect is minimal on the normal and healthy cells.

Gastric Cancer Surgery

Gastric Cancer or Stomach Cancer can have serious implications if not treated early. Surgery is the best option to treat this condition especially if the cancer has not spread to the areas surrounding the stomach. Surgical Oncologists work towards removing the cancer and possibly the affected part of the stomach as well as the lymph nodes. This is decided based on the location of the tumour. Our Surgical Oncologists put their best foot forward to retain as much of the normal stomach as possible.

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