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United Hospitals, Bangalore is leading the way in medical excellence, by setting up one of the most efficient Department of Laboratory & Diagnostics. It is well-equipped with modern test equipment and diagnostic facilities to provide quick and accurate results. The goal of the Department of Laboratory & Diagnostics is to help in the diagnosing and treating various kinds of illnesses in a clinical manner.

United Hospitals in Bangalore has a state-of-the-art Radiology Department which uses amazing technology to its very best. The main aim of the department is to ensure the convenience and comfort of patients before and after undergoing the required imaging tests. Utmost care is taken by our efficient staff to maintain all round hygiene and adhere to all safety standards while using the modern equipment.

Our efficient nursing and paramedical staff in the Department of Laboratory & Diagnostics carry forward a legacy of excellence. We specialise in offering routine as well as specific diagnostic services. We work in tandem with our doctors to provide fast and accurate results.

Laboratory - Facilities and Sub-Departments

A well-maintained and efficient Diagnostic Laboratory is as critical to a hospital as are some of the other departments. It is extremely important to maintain strict hygiene around Laboratories as many critical samples are collected from the patients for analysis. Lab services must be consistent and dependable to correctly assess and manage patients with various illnesses. Without good quality lab services, test results may be wrong, and if they are not currently accurate, consistent, and dependable, every effort should be made to raise them to the acceptable standards.

The main aim of the Department of Laboratory & Diagnostics at United Hospitals, Bangalore is to strive for best outcome for every patient every time. Our Sub- Departments which constitute our facilities include:

  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • clinical pathology
  • Immunoserology
  • Haematology

Radiology Facilities

Radiology’s role is extremely vital to disease management. The Radiology Department encompasses a wide choice of tools and techniques available for the detection, staging and treatment. Diagnostic imaging provides detailed information about structural or disease related changes. Early diagnosis saves lives. Without diagnosis there can be no treatment, there can be no cure.

Radiology Facilities available at United Hospitals in Bangalore include:

  • 384 Slice CT Scan
  • Ultasound
  • 3D/4D Colour Sonography
  • X-Ray
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