Meticulous Planning & Execution by Doctors Helps Man Recover From Complicated Fracture

A 28 year old patient involved in a head on road traffic accident with injury to left thigh and right knee, was admitted to United Hospital. He was diagnosed of having multi segmental fracture of left femur involving whole length of femur with compound fracture of proximal tibia on right side.

Multi segmental femur was a challenge as there is no definite implant for complicated fracture. Dr. Raju Kulkarni and his team handled the case with meticulous planning. A combination of nailing and reinforcement with plates in distal part of fracture was planned and meticulously executed. The surgery lasted around 6 hours and the results were excellent and satisfactory to the surgeon and patient.

After 4 months of rehabilitation & physiotherapy, the patient recovered with no limb length discrepancy. He was able to get back to work and has made a full recovery now.


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